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NJ Hikes Family Leave & Disability up to 788%

Since Jan. 1 NJ workers have been paying 0.16% on their first $134,900 in income for family leave insurance. That comes to $55.04 for someone earning $34,400 a year, $96 for someone making $60,000, and $215.84 for anyone earning at least $134,900. Last year, workers paid no more than $27.52.

The payroll deduction for temporary disability insurance increased to 0.26% on their first $134,900, amounting to $89.44 for a worker making $34,400 and $156 for someone making $60,000. A worker making $134,900 or more will kick in $350.74.

For the two programs combined, 2019′s payroll deduction was capped at $86, but this year someone might kick in as much as as $567 from their paychecks.

The employer contribution to temporary disability did not increase to pay for the program changes.