About us


I started preparing Tax Returns as a teenager while assisting my father with his Tax Practice. In high school, I wrote a computer program to prepare Federal Tax returns.  I couldn't take it home or anything, but it worked! Hey! This was way back - before computer monitors were common or the floppy disk existed.  Printouts - Everything was print-outs.  


We starting using computers to assist and prepare tax returns back in - well - a long time ago!  Accounting and Tax software Their use today is indispensible.


In order to maintain an active knowledge of current & future IRS & State regulations I subscribe to a number of tax related newsletters as well as online Income Tax forums. 


I have studied for and passed the AFSB IRS Training course(s).  I am also required to participate in Annual Continuing Professional Education courses offered by local chapters of national accounting and tax associations.  This keeps the mind engaged and in front of the ever-changing tax laws and regulations.  


I also contact my Legislators when I read about tax law changes that I feel are relevant to myself or to you, my clients.  We all should.  They won't enact change unless we push them to. There are and will be a number of important tax issues in the coming months.  I try to keep my clients informed as well.


Our offices are fully computerized and paperless to the extent of what you bring and what you leave with. Documents are scanned and saved to encrypted hard drive(s).  Our client portal offers 256-bit Shaw encryption (bank level security) and sits within Google's data center.  Our mobile-app offers scanning, messaging, tax return review, e-signatures, and remote pay allowing us to accomodate your needs under the most insane condtions, TODAY


Please visit the SERVICES page to find information on the services we provide.


Visit the CONTACT page for information regarding how to reach us via telephone, Text, Fax, E-Mail or even Snail Mail. There’s also contact info for the IRS and State agencies.

Feel free to contact the office anytime. We're here to help.  Our CHAT feature may be online if we are not too immersed in WORK!