Our Services

Company Formation


Starting a business and need some advice? Let us help you register and setup the company properly to insure fewer hastles and a sound business start. 

Proper habits & procedures can be the difference of a successful business, or a failure.


Tax Preparation


for the 21st Century

Fully digital services including

Mobile App, client portal

e-signatures & remote pay.
I wrap myself in your business o insure we're taking All of he Deductions and credits that you may be entitled to.  With 20+ years experience I can help save you money and improve your tax postion or if needed, get your tax nightmare straightend out!

Business consulting


Established business?

Let's review:

Your business process,

Your Technology position,
Your Accounting methods,

 and Your Tax Position.

We can offer tweaks, changes, and strategies to improve your business health, security and ideally, your wealth.

Computer Security, 
Automation & HELP!


Technology driving you nuts?
We can help with any Computer related issues you may have.  From office computers to POS systems.  As a retired systems engineer I can guide you to the right solution for almost any situation.  Having the right SECURITY in place for your network is one of today's biggest challenges.  Correcting common mistakes and putting proven procedures in place can help protect you and your business from unwanted eyes, hands, and Expense!


Bookkeeping Services


The drege of monthly bills, statements and invoices drive some businesses, right out of business.

Let us concentrate on what we do best so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Business solutions


The bottom line is:

"What's left over".

Let's improve that bottom line by streamlining services and improving the business model.

We'll review your operating procedures and guide you to improve the process to meet your business needs.

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